Former player
This club gave me the chance to meet girls from other towns and make lifelong friendships. It is one of the main reasons I am where I am today; about to play college soccer. The club was my home away from home. They taught me everything from technical skills to being a leader.

Former Parent
It was more than a soccer club...the team/family molded them into inspiring individuals and showed them how to grow to be driven, supportive, kind, understanding and compassionate team players! The coaches not only coached them but made them see there are no obstacles except yourself in growth of a team! Amazing experience! Thank you!

Former Player
​This club was one of the best experiences of my life. It made me realize what I love to do and where I want to go in life. The family that we had was amazing and I will never forget them.
Former Player
The bond I had with my teammates and coaches meant everything to me. It was like a second family.

Congrats to the 2007/08 girls on finishing as Finalists at the Chicago Fire Invitational.  They followed that up with a tournament Championship at the Chicago Development Showcase the next weekend.  Well done!

2011 3v3 Team Advances to Nationals

2011 3v3 Team WINS NATIONALS

Tournament Champs

Congrats to Remi, Savy, Jens, and Novak on winning the 3v3 Midwest Regional's.  The team is currently ranked 4th in 2011 boys National rankings and will be traveling to Memphis in November to compete for the National Championship.


Our History

​In 2007, Coach Goranson and Coach Lazaro started an under-10 girls’ soccer team in Bourbonnais.  During the team’s 4 years together, the girls consistently exceeded expectations, both on and off the field.  Today, the first of those young ladies, from what was last known as Moxie United, are getting ready to graduate from college; some of which attended on athletic scholarships.

In the years following Moxie United, Coach Goranson went on to coach varsity girls’ soccer at the High School level for 4 seasons. In his time at Bishop Mac, the team had its most successful run in school history.  Coach Lazaro continued to share his passion for the game through private and group training, boasting several dedicated students, and as a referee.

In the fall of 2016, due to the encouragement of a variety of soccer friends and family, Coach Goranson and Coach Lazaro decided the time was right to establish a new U11 girls’ soccer team in the area.  In respect to the families of Moxie United, we decided to go with a new name…Legion FC.

As of Spring 2020, Legion FC has grown to 7 teams offering a unique soccer opportunity to over 70 players.

Congrats to Remi, Savy, Jens, and Novak on winning the 3v3 2011, boys division, NATIONAL TITLE.  In 5 games, the team was 4-0-1 scoring 30 goals while giving up only 12.  The team won the Championship game in "golden goal" overtime!


​EST. 2016