While coaching soccer at the recreational, club, and high school levels for the past 10 years, Coach Chuck recognized the need for a soccer specific training facility in the Kankakee County area. While local soccer programs and clubs continue to do their best to meet the varying needs of all players, training gaps continue to exist; partly due to the vast diversity of talent within many teams.  The Training Ground aims to close those gaps by introducing a technically based training system aimed at improving individual skill. Additionally, athletes will learn how to apply the concept of purposeful practice on their own.



Key Training Components

Wall Work

Players will utilize a wall to develop proper passing and receiving techniques, utilizing a number of body surfaces.  The wall provides the opportunity for high levels of quality repetition and immediate feedback.  The wall doesn't lie!

Skills Training (Stations)

Skills training provides thousands of touches in a very short period of time.  Players work on a variety of individual ball skills with the long term goal of automating those skills.  Working in stations allows players to progress at their own pace.

Soccer Specific Fitness and Agility Training

Ahletes will learn several agility exercises designed specifically for soccer players.  We will also be expanding this offering to athletes participating in a wide variety of other sports.

Cogi Training

​Relatively new to the United States, Cogi Training focuses on improving player performance in the below areas:

(information provided by: www.cogitraining.com)

  1. ​Improved cognitive readiness or learning readiness

  2. Improved balance

  3. Improved collaboration between the left and right brain

  4. Improved perception

  5. Improved body and ball mastery

  6. Better understanding of influence of time and space

  7. Better rhythmic performance